Hawaii (Waikiki) Climate
Average Temperature and Rainfall

Hawaii enjoys warm, tropical weather year-round. Cooled by the gentle breezes of the Pacific, the climate of these islands is sunny and pleasant. The average ocean temperature is in the high 70’s.

Time and Temperature for Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Time & Temperature Honolulu, Hawaii
Roughly speaking, there are two seasons: from November through April the climate is cooler and more humid, with daily high temperatures of about 81°F and lows of 65°F at night. More rain falls during the cooler season, but there are also many lovely sunny days. From June through October the climate is warmer and drier with daily high temperatures of about 84°F and lows of 70°F at night. Most people divide the year into two climate periods - the Dry Season and the Humid Season.

The Dry Season - taking place between April and October brings a warmness, June, July, August and September being the warmest months of the year. However, during theses months refreshing trade-winds are common.

The Humid Season - (also called Rainy Season) starts in November and ends in April. It brings mugginess, humidity as well as heavier and more frequent rains than in the dry season. During that season, tropical storms may occur.

Hawaii Average High and Low Temperature

Hawaii Average Monthly Rainfall

Hawaii Average Ocean Water Temperature

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