Hawaii's Most Famous Beaches

Poipu Beach, Kauai - America's number one beach.

This beach is located on the south shore of Kauai. This beach is a series of golden sand crescents, strung together where beach-goers will find snorkeling, swimming, wading and surfing. Palm trees dominate the coastline here with an expansive lawn at the park. The surf spots are slightly off-shore where a reef establishes perfect wave-breaks for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. Nearer to the shore, swimmers scan enjoy swimming in calm waters or snorkeling near a couple of interesting rocky points.
Poipu Beach

Ka'anapali Beach, Maui - Maui's most famous beach.

Located in West Maui about 2 miles south of the historic whaling town of Lahaina, Ka`anapali is one of Hawaii's most famous and populated beaches surrounded by numerous elegant resort hotels and condominiums. The beach itself is almost three miles long. The beach is lifeguard protected, but it is important to watch your belongings and don't leave them unattended while you swim. Ka`anapali is the beach for activities. You can snorkel in the crystal clear water, windsurf, jet-ski, parasail, or kayak.
Ka'anapali Beach

Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai - One of the most photographed beaches in Hawaii.

Lovely Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s North Shore may be the most beautiful beach setting in all of Hawaii. It is the largest bay on the island and a nearly a perfect semi-circle of white sand. Behind the beach is an utterly breathtaking backdrop of waterfalls and emerald mountain peaks wrapped in mist, soaring thousands of feet towards the heavens. The beach is two miles long, 125 feet wide, and bordered by the Hanalei River to the east and the Waipa River to the west. The ocean bottom slopes gently to overhead depths, and there are large coral reefs at both ends of the bay.
Hanalei Bay Beach

Hanauma Bay, Oahu - This sanctuary is home to hundreds of reef fish.

 Edged by a 2,000-foot golden beach, Hanauma Bay is Oahu’s prime snorkeling destination. No matter how many times you visit this collapsed volcanic crater, it’s the indescribable feeling of tiny mouths nibbling at your swimsuit that will bring you back. Signs tell where you can find specific fish. They’ll swim right up to you.
Hanauma Bay

Hamoa Beach, Maui - Beautiful beach surrounded by lush vegetation.

Located just outside of Hana, this beautiful public beach shares some facilities with the Hotel Hana Maui. Sea cliffs surround the bay and the vegetation is lush. This beach has been voted one of Hawaii's favorite beaches. Offshore is the little coconut-topped island of Alau. This beach is no protected by any fringing reefs, so big surf is extremely dangerous. Strong currents are also present outside of the bay.
Hamoa Beach

Ke'e Beach Park, Kauai - The end of the road.

Gorgeous sunsets are synonymous with Ke‘e Beach Park. Located literally at the end of the road on Kauai’s North Shore between the dramatic Na Pali Coast and Limahuli Stream, the reef lagoon at Ke‘e Beach is a favorite snorkeling site. The water is clear and there are tons of colorful reef fish and turtles. Ke‘e Beach has a very tropical look with a backshore lushly vegetated by ironwood trees, coconut palms, ti and guava.
Ke'e Beach

Hapuna Beach Sate Park, Big Island - Broad and wide.

A one-half mile long band of white sand that is over 200 feet wide in the summer months plus clean, clear water would describe anyone’s perfect imaginary beach. In winter, wild, thundering waves pound the shoreline. Fortunately, Hapuna Bay, on the Big Island’s west side, is for real and it is the most popular beach on the island. The ivory sands slope gently into a shallow sandbar that extends approximately 25 yards into the ocean. Swimming and boogie boarding conditions are excellent. Abundant fish and coral make for superb snorkeling and the wide beach is just right for frolicking and sunbathing.
Hapuna Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui - Gentile waters, golden sand.

Golden sand, swaying palms, calm waters. What more can you ask for? It’s just another day in paradise on this West Maui pocket beach. Situated between two lava points and bordered by a coconut tree grove, Kapalua is known for its tranquil surf, ideal for the less-than-adventurous swimmer and families with small children.
Kapalua Bay Beach

Wailea Beach, Hawaii - Golden crescents bordering warm, gentle waters.

Located in the south of Wailea, Ulua Beach is one of the best snorkeling beaches on Maui Island. This Maui beach is also an ideal place for swimming, diving, and boardsurfing.
Wailea Beach - Sunset

Kauna'oa Beach, Hawaii - located in front of the Mauna Kea Resort.

This is one of the best beaches on the island. The sand is a perfect crescent shape and extends for almost 1/4 mile. A natural rock reef provides some protection from the surf. Swimming, snorkeling, and boogie boarding are just some of the recreations that can be enjoyed at this exceptional beach.
Mauna Kea Beach